Business Segments

JULIZAR's comprehensive world-class real estate services have always been the hallmark of the company. This service positions us as one of the leading property solution providers in Indonesia. It was founded in 2009 and the company shares are wholly owned by Indonesia. We offer a fully integrated service including valuation and consulting, strategic consulting and market research, property agency and asset management and project and development for owners property, investors.


Market Research

The main players in the property industry pay close attention to our research and many look us for credible data and in-depth market insights. We understand that data analysis and market research that are very accurate and true is a window into the future. We continue to collect data to provide high-quality market intelligence. Research is a key pillar of our strength and a sign of our commitment to our computer resources and database which are an integral part of the company.

Our competitive advantage is in market intelligence and our superior objective analysis, which is supported by a sophisticated database. With comprehensive knowledge and understanding of market cycles and future trends, we provide practical advice to empower our clients to make decisions right in front of their competitors.

Strategic Consultation

We have a cohesive, creative and visionary consulting division consisting of highly experienced senior personnel. We take a methodical and realistic approach to help our clients make the right decisions and we realize that accurate and informed advice reduces risk and costs, creates value, and improves performance, returns on investments that are fast, high and accurate. So that our clients, including government, public and private developers, investors and company owners, can achieve their goals and aspirations.

Our development consultations include market feasibility analysis, market research and impact assessment of proposed developments, development assessments, financial evaluations and the highest and best use studies (HBU), marketing strategies and market research.

Our investment consultancy offers strategic advisors and related due diligence services to investors in relation to positioning individual assets, improvements, acquisition / divestment strategies, portfolio strategies, portfolio structure / financing, and occasional cross-border investment advice.

Our consulting capabilities help align property developer or company ownership with its overall business strategy. Services include: individual asset strategies, location consultations, accommodation and portfolio reviews, and organizational strategies.

Our assignment not only covers standard types of property such as commercial, industrial and residential, but also includes special properties such as: residential accommodation and resorts, and all cities- small town.

Consultation Services

• Consultation & Transaction Services

• Equity Crowd Funding

• Project management

• Property management


Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a concept that has been used by many countries as a method of property investment. With this concept, anyone can invest and buy property stocks. The difference with capital markets in general is that our company is not on the stock market.

We are currently perfecting the idea of crowdfunding for real estate. This basically works the same way: newly built houses or real estate that must be renovated are financed with crowdfunding. When the project is completed, each investor is paid back the amount of the investment plus the agreed interest rate.

Property Investment

For those of you who have large capital, we can work with you to provide investments that can multiply your portfolio.

We have a lot of property listings at bargain prices that are selling under market value. The property is located in a strategic location. We handle residential property, apartments, hotels, office buildings, business spaces, warehouses and shop houses.

If you are interested in investing us, please contact us on our contact page. We will be happy to help you.