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Pre-IPO Consulting

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Initial Public Offering or IPO is a means for companies to obtain capital from the public through the Capital Market. This is one of the considerations for companies to go public and become a public company. Business capital obtained from the community can be used to increase working capital to finance company expansion and growth, pay debts, invest, or acquire. Go public will also increase your company’s equity value so that the company has a strong capital structure. After being registered as a public company, your company can take advantage of the capital market to obtain business funding, including through a limited public offering which is limited to investors who already own company shares, or through secondary offerings and private placements. In addition, if your company has become a public company, it will be easier for the company to get strategic investors to invest in your company.

What do we do?

We help you prepare all the necessary documents for your company’s IPO process.

Some of the steps that must be passed include:

  1. Document Preparation
  2. Submission of the Preliminary Application Agreement for the Listing of Shares to the Indonesian Stock Exchange
  3. Submission of Registration Statement to OJK
  4. Public Offering, Listing and Trading of Shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Company Steps to Go Public

  1. Formation of Internal IPO Team
  2. Initial IPO Considerations
  3. External Professional Appointments
  4. GMS and Amendments to the Articles of Association
  5. IPO Document Preparation

Process of IPO

  1. Underwriter Appointment and Document Preparation
  2. Submission of Applications for Listing of Shares to the Indonesia Stock Exchange & Submission of Registration Statements to OJK
  3. Public Offering of Shares
  4. Listing and Trading of Company Shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

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