Indonesia Investment Research

Indonesia Investment Research JULIZAR CONSULTING was founded in 2018 by Julizar SE, MM, CPA. We are a property and investment consulting company that has served many private and state-owned development companies. Since the last few years JULIZAR CONSULTING has expanded its coverage to all over Indonesia.

We regularly monitor the Indonesian economy, managed by experts from various experience and educational backgrounds to later join as a group of Indonesian economists. We actively build networks with Indonesian government agencies and businesses.

JULIZAR CONSULTING  is your partner in Indonesia regarding investment information. We act as consultants to assist foreign investors who wish to invest in Indonesia. We have an extensive network in Indonesia, we will provide information to foreign investors accurately and objectively about the investment environment in Indonesia. We provide risk assessment, legal advice, market research, introduction to potential Indonesian business partners, and much more.

Our service will help you to get the latest reports on investment in Indonesia. We also release investment information every month. This report will inform you of the main economic, political and social developments in Indonesia.

We also make reports regularly to enrich your insight into certain sectors of the Indonesian economy. The report also includes monthly updates on the rupiah exchange rate, Bank Indonesia monetary policy, manufacturing activity, inflation, and trade.

We will discuss in depth the economic and political situation, the rupiah exchange rate, therefore you will be aware of the latest developments happening in Indonesia. Julizar Consulting will enrich you on Indonesian Investment and provide forecasts of future indicators on Indonesia’s key macroeconomics in this report.

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