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Market Research

Peluang Dan Kendala Bisnis Properti Di Indonesia

ConsultanT Market Research Indonesia make market research or marketing research, design, collection, analysis and systematic reporting of data and all findings relevant to certain marketing situations facing the company.

Market Analysis

Market Research is a process that examines the demand and supply of a property type in a particular market area or market segment. Given the multiple drivers and nuances of supply and demand factors for each particular type of property, there are different depths of research and slightly different forms that market analysis can take.

Keep in mind that a market analysis focuses on the type of property in a particular market, whereas a marketability analysis focuses on a particular property and how it competes in a particular market. One can perform a market analysis without a marketability analysis, although performing a marketability analysis almost always requires some market analysis.

Market Research Consultant

We can provide market analysis studies for various situations and property types. We may provide market analysis either in an appraisal, or as a separate study. This service is part of the assessment. Our standard narrative format, commercial summary valuation report includes a complete analysis of current market trends. Valuations for new developments or property redevelopments often require higher-level market analysis.

Indonesian Market Research Consultant

JULIZAR CONSULTING well known for its Research Services which aim to offer clients objective advice to help them make the right decisions and realize their pre-determined goals.

Our Market Research services include:

  • In-depth market study
  • Market potential tracking
  • Market variable projection
  • Demographic analysis, pricing, segmentation

A rapidly evolving economy, rapidly changing technology, and evolving demographics and climate change, are some examples of forces affecting real estate in general.

Changes in the above information should be taken seriously during and are essential for all real estate players from fund managers to multinational corporations, from developers to property managers to make decisions.

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