Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Services

Are you currently looking for a Marketing Strategy consultant to help grow your business? Identify and meet customer needs to achieve marketing system success?

We provide professional Marketing Strategy services for clients in Indonesia. We add value to the money you have invested by providing the highest standard of Marketing Strategy. Our experienced consulting team can realize business benefits so that your project can be carried out according to schedule, time, cost and quality.

The most effective marketing strategy is to identify customer needs in depth to determine segmentation, targets, positioning, and bidding. We ensure that the development of marketing plans is based on market realities to best meet customer needs.

JULIZAR's marketing strategy consulting services include market appraisal, development of frameworks based on the STP ”framework (such as: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and marketing plan development.

Here is more information about our marketing consulting services:

• Market Assessment

• Market Segmentation

• Target Marketing

• Strategic Positioning

• Marketing Plan Development

• Market Research

Our marketing strategy consultant uses a disciplined approach and uses analytical tools in mapping customer needs with marketing requirements, and then aligning offers with the needs of target customers. The end result is to increase performances, as shown through increased sales, effectiveness and income of our clients.