East Jakarta Property Market Research

Property Market Research in East Jakarta – Jakarta Garden City focuses on how your product will be absorbed by the market, sold, or rented under current or future market conditions. While most market studies are specific to certain property types and areas, Market Research is specific to properties and how they relate to market share.

Market Research answers questions that aim to find alternatives and identify recommendations from the best options that are in accordance with business rules, market acceptance, investment friendly and in harmony with applicable laws and regulations.

Employers have a foothold in the framework of formulating policies to change the entire pattern of property asset management from a cost center to a profit center that synergistically provides economic and social benefits for PT. Employers and Local Governments, including all other stakeholders (stakeholders).

The stages of work will begin with the signing of a contract/appointment/tender holder/SPK, field survey, preparation of study reports, presentation of proposals, revisions and ends with a final report containing recommendations, road maps and action plans.


The research will begin by compiling an internal database under supervisory authority or manager’s approval. In addition, with the cooperation of each department in managing customer profiles and records, all the evidence collected can be useful for further study.

When analyzing the data, the researcher should pay attention to the complaint record and other relevant records. The goal is to find answers that might be hiding and hidden under the pile of customer complaints as it reveals that unsatisfactory results resulted from previous mistakes.