Feasibility Study of Pertamina Hospital Cirebon

Feasibility study consultant for the construction and renovation of Pertamina Hospital Cirebon. Julizar Consulting is trusted to make and compile a feasibility study of the Pertamina Cirebon Hospital, which is located on Jl. Patra Raya Klayan Cirebon No.1, Klayan, Kec. Gunungjati, Cirebon Regency, West Java 45151.

Rumah Sakit Pertamina Cirebon

Established in 1973, Pertamina Hospital Cirebon was originally part of Pertamina Health Unit EP III Cirebon which manages health facilities for Pertamina Unit EP III employees and their families. In addition, Pertamina Hospital Cirebon also provides services to other Pertamina employees/families in the Cirebon area such as UPPDN III, LPG and UP VI Balongan, PT Exor and Pertamina Pensioners and their families. Located on Jalan Patra Raya Klayan Cirebon on the Pantura route, RSPK has become one of the choices of Cirebon residents in meeting their needs for optimal and affordable health services. Currently RSPK has developed its inpatient facilities by building a pavilion, so that its capacity has increased from 50 TT to 100 TT in accordance with the demands of the Cirebon community which are getting higher and more health conscious.

Based on the results of the Hospital Assessment organized by the West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Health, several achievements have been made by RSPK including in November 1991 becoming the Second Best Hospital in West Java, in 1995 as the Second Champion of the Appearance Competition for Private Hospitals in class C in West Java, in 1996 as the Second Best Hospital Park Management Hospital in West Java. For us, this achievement is an honor but our greatest pride is when our patients are satisfied with our services. On August 8, 2002, PT RSPP changed its name to PT Pertamina Bina Medika (Pertamedika) with 8 health service business units in the form of hospitals, namely Pertamina Central Hospital and Pertamina Jakarta Hospital located in Jakarta, Pertamina Balikpapan Hospital, Pertamina Cirebon Hospital, Pertamina Prabumulih Hospital, Pertamina Tanjung Hospital, Pertamina Tarakan Hospital, and Pertamina Sorong Hospital. Based on the memorandum of the President Director of Pertamedika no. 0713/A00000/2004-S0 which took effect on September 7, 2004, RS Pertamina Klayan Cirebon changed its name to RS Pertamina Cirebon.

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