Analysis of Physical Characteristics

Judging from the slope of the land, the project location on Jalan Serma Gede, has the same height as the road surface. The survey results indicate the location of the land is free from flooding.

Tread Shape

The tread form of the project site, which is on Jalan Serma Gede, is a square tread form. Basically the square shape has an advantage because the highest land value lies in optimal land use efficiency, so that the project site on Jalan Serma Gede can be planned efficiently so that land can be utilized optimally and can increase land value.

The boundaries of the location of the land located on Jalan Serma Gede, Dauh Puri Klod, West Denpasar District, Denpasar City are as follows:

  • North Side : Jalan Serma Jodog
  • South Side : Residential House
  • West Side : Jalan Serma Gede
  • East Side : Residential House

Tread Size

The area of land or land assets to be developed for development is 651 m2 in accordance with the results of measurements carried out by the Denpasar City Land Office on 5 July 2018. Proof of asset ownership up to the time of the survey has not been received from the Employer. The width of the road parallel to Jalan Serma Gede is about 25 meters and the length to the rear is about 25 meters. The current use of land is in the form of houses that are not occupied. The land that is the object of the study stands 2 (two) houses.