Property Marketability Research Purwakarta – West Java

Property Marketability Research Purwakarta – West Java. The scope of assignment is making market analysis to determine market absorption and market potential and or development if possible which is summarized in the following systematics:

  • Analysis of Macroeconomic Indicators

A brief macroeconomic analysis of Purwakarta Regency is seen as an indicator of strengthening consumer behavior in relation to people’s purchasing power and the cycle can be estimated. This will affect the objectivity of the utilization plan in the short, medium and long term.

  • Location Analysis

Location value analysis based on SWOT method by considering regional and local market characteristics.

  • Retail Market Analysis

Analysis of supply and demand on the interaction of the office market in a competitive area.

  • Market Opportunity Analysis

Identify market opportunities and potentials that will describe the level of success from the market side by considering the purchasing power aspect.

  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Recommendations related to the project concept, target market, selling price, typical unit area, unit composition, and development stages.