Qualitative Research Consultant

Qualitative Research

JULIZAR SAYUTI is a full-service research company that provides qualitative research support for investigators in the property business. We help you make research at every stage comprehensively from study design and data collection to analysis and dissemination.

Qualitative data analysis methods can help you make business decisions appropriately. We can work and help you as part of your research team, to get a deeper understanding of the qualitative data you need to set management strategies and meet important goals and deadlines for your project.

We believe good qualitative research is a vital component in decision-oriented marketing research.

This is very useful in developing hypotheses about consumer motivation and in helping you understand topics from a consumer perspective, in the consumer's own language.

Qualitative research (which is characterized by open and limited interviews among a number of respondents) is primarily an exploration and / or motivation technique.

Application of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research methodology is a flexible tool that uncovers consumer motivation and its relationship with brands / products in various applications. Some examples of qualitative research are:

• Development of Persona market segmentation

• Branding research

• Shopping research

• Development and refinement of concepts

• Product development and improvement

• Exploration for the development of quantitative questionnaires

• Exploration of questions raised in quantitative research

• Attitudes, uses and behavior

• Customer satisfaction

• Message Development