Market Research Qualitative

JULIZAR CONSULTING is a full-service research company that provides quantitative research services for property businesses. We help you to make research at comprehensively from study design, data collection to analysis and dissemination.

Our Market Research Qualitative Services Include:

• Message Development and Testing

• Customer Targeting and Market Segmentation

• Company Identity and Brand Position Determination

• Creative Development and Advertising Effectiveness Testing

• Product Concept

• Customer satisfaction

• Market Size

• Price research

What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative Research is a technique of asking questions to the target audience in an organized manner using surveys, polls, or questionnaires. Responses received can be analyzed to make decisions to improve products and services, which in turn will help increase the level of satisfaction. Results can be achieved if a large sample size can represent a population surveyed.

Reasons for Doing Quantitative Research

Research is the first step to a successful marketing campaign, whether it's launching a new product, determining a sales position or doing data-oriented statistical analysis.

Quantitative research begins with the creation, design and distribution of surveys. After the survey has been sent to the right person, data collection and analysis must be carried out to get the desired idea.

Characteristics of Quantitative Research

The basic characteristics of quantitative research are:

• The data collected is in the form of numbers and statistical formulas that can be applied to this data to produce measurable insights.

• Data collected and mode of collection are highly structured. Can be a mixture of questionnaires, surveys, etc.

• Research studies are designed so that questions are structured and possible responses to these questions are also structured.

• Because the questions are not open-ended, they lead to certain answers so the scope of uncertainty is limited.