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Quantity Surveyor

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Quantity Surveyor Consultant

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyor is a profession that has expertise in volume calculations, construction work appraisals, contract administration in such a way that a job can be described and its costs can be estimated, planned, analyzed, controlled and entrusted. Jasa Quantity Surveyor (QS) can realize accountability for projects, provide good value for money to project owners who can be accounted for and have a scope of work starting from the pre-tender, tender, and post-tender stages. Quantity Surveyor it would be more beneficial to be involved in the early stages of the project planning.

The role of the Quantity Surveyor (QS) Consultant in the project can be broadly described as follows:

  • Provide advice related to controlling development/project costs in order to not to exceed the budget plan set by the project owner (owner)
  • Handling the legal aspects of project implementation
  • Assisting the Contractor’s work as an estimator or contract manager.

Quantity Surveyor Consultant Services

PT Julizar Konsultan Indonesia provide consulting services for:

  • Making project cost planning/Initial Budget Estimation
  • Master Cost Plan
  • Pre-Tender Estimate
  • Provide Bill of Quantities (BoQ)
  • make a Final Project Calculation report
  • Work Budget Details
  • Project quantity survey
  • Project cost control and management
  • Project contract management
  • Making tender documents and contracts
  • Manage and monitor costs added or less during the work implementation stage
  • Project Implementation Monthly Report

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