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Crowdfunding Securities Consultant


We can help you prepare and create documents Securities Crowdfunding. By using our services you can save about 1.5 years to 2 years or even more. Apart from that, you can save costs of up to billions of Rupiah.

Based on our experience in the crowdfunding industry, it is not easy to get a permit from the OJK because this business is still relatively new, making it difficult to find data and information and it takes years to get a permit from the OJK.

Securities Crowdfunding is currently the government’s favorite program to improve the SME sector so that all stakeholders such as the Ministry of Finance, the National Islamic Finance Committee (KNEKS) and the Regional Government of the Financial Services Authority are competing to make this program a success.

What is included in our securities crowdfunding consulting services?

  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Crowdfunding Service System

With the two services above, you can save time and money. We can also help you to:

  • Crowdfunding Service Association (ALUDI)
  • KSEI
  • Custodian Bank
  • PSE Kominfo
  • LPIP

Why Securities Crowdfunding?

With SCF, investors and parties who need funds can easily be brought together through an online platform (information technology-based application system). Investors will benefit in the form of dividends or profit sharing from the business profits which are distributed periodically.

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